December 31, 2015

Clean Slate Fresh Start in 2016

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine    

It’s that time of year again where we make resolutions and plan for the upcoming year. We feel with the turning of the calendar for a New Year we have a clean slate and a fresh start. We plan on doing things we should be doing but haven’t. We also want to stop doing things we shouldn’t. But most importantly start doing things that are fresh and new. So with a clean slate and a fresh start let’s take a look at 2016 and your plans for a bigger better New Year.
o   First let’s take a look at where we are NOW. Look at your area of interest such as writing, family, business etc. and determine where you are NOW. What are you doing now, where are you as far as your goals and progress. Make a list, a complete list and study it at length. Then ask yourself  the following questions:

o   What am I Excited about? What is it about what I am doing and where I am that Excites me? Whatever it is keeps your interest, drives your success and moves you forward. This is your Hot Button so you want to do more of this. Look for ways to keep your Excitement up!
o   What am I doing that I would Change? What slows you down, what makes you procrastinate, what keeps you from completing your goals. These things are your Cold Button. These things you will want to change or even do away with. Look long and hard at this area as well and Change what you can. We all know there are actions involved in what we do that must be done, it is a part of the process and must remain that way. But there are things you can Change for the better and must.
o   Now look for a Solution to increasing what excites and changing what you must. Whatever you decide on write it down. There is plenty of room on a clean slate to write everything down.
o   The final step is the most important. You must Decide to put these things in motion and follow up on a regular basis.            

As you follow up on what you do during 2016 or any year remember the Clean Slate Fresh Start concept. At any time during the year you should get off track you can once again start over with a Clean Slate Fresh Start.  I also use this concept on a daily basis. If I have what I feel is a bad day I will simply give myself permission to start the day over. I take a deep breath, say a prayer and begin again. You too can start over at any time if you feel the need. Don’t wait for the end of year but do it on the day you notice the need.

All the best in 2016! May it be your best year yet!

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