December 8, 2015

Thank You Authors

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief, Southern Writers Magazine

One of the great joys of winter to me, besides the holidays, is carving out some extra time for me. I’m a lover of hot chocolate. I love to read. I believe these two were made for each other.
That extra time I’ve carved out I spend curled up in my favorite chair, with a light blanket, a book and a cup of hot chocolate. Now I am ready for the author to transport me into whatever world they’ve chosen to send me. This time for me is comforting, enjoyable and relaxing.

When I do come up for air, I can see the leaves leaving the branches like delicate fairies. And I think about what I’ve just read, where the author got the idea for this book, what did they want me to take away from it.

An author has such a wonderful ability to move a reader in emotions. They can make us sad, they can make us cry and above all, they can make us laugh. Whether they know it or not, at least for a time, they become an intricate part of our lives.

I decided this year; I would make an extra effort to thank authors for the enjoyment their books have given me through the years. I’m one of those readers who don’t give her books away. I like to go back after a few years and read them again.

So, thank you authors, for being true to your calling, spending your time creating and writing your books. Please don’t stop. I enjoy reading your books––I love the time I’ve given to me to enter your worlds.

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