May 8, 2019

The Inspirational Factor

Authors are becoming more adept each day at marketing their books. Advertising and self promotion is a necessary ingredient in order to gain attention in a very crowded field. Marketing books and all the difficulties it entails appears to be a focal point of interest to many authors. It is also frequently discussed during writers’ meetings.

Although I am in complete agreement with the importance of this issue, I am also aware that we must have something of value to promote in the first place. Too much structure and the stress connected to marketing is the natural enemy of creativity and inspiration. Writer's block can be a possible side effect with the inability to complete or create an exciting new novel.

Writers are generally free thinkers who tend to let their minds wander in search of that elusive, inspirational factor, a precious ingredient that must be preserved in order to write something of value. True inspiration comes alive when we are most at ease, or when we are deeply challenged, since creative people tend to be very sensitive and emotionally charged. Inspiration will occur sporadically, when you least expect that you are predisposed to it.

I would like to share my own experience with the indefinable inspirational factor. I was glancing through an art book dedicated to European fashion through the ages. suddenly I was attracted by the painting of a sixteenth century Countess from the old Czechoslovakia, whose name was "Polyxena". I have never heard that name before, but for some strange reason it created a sense of excitement within me. In a very short period of time a complex and thrilling story line suddenly came to the surface and I was inspired and compelled to write it. Polyxena suddenly became the beloved, main character of my first novel and soon after the star in my "Knights Templar Trilogy". I credit that wonderful, inspirational moment for having open to me the exciting world of writing. I am now a published author, while up to that point I only considered myself to be a portrait artist. I have now the pride and joy of not only writing my novels, but painting the covers as well, which I hope to continue doing in the future.

Because of that amazing moment of inspiration my life was changed forever. Somehow, the dormant writer who had been resting inside of me suddenly came to life. I believe that our creative spirit should take precedence over anything else. It will give us the necessary pride and courage to achieve the goals that we aspire to, and promote that brain child which was created with so much love... 
An accomplished portrait artist as well as an esteemed writer of historical fiction, Italian-born Adriana Girolami credits the ancient beauty of her native country for her love of history. She seduces readers with her gorgeous visual style—both on the covers of her books and on all the pages in-between. As the illustrator of her book jackets, she paints intricate, visually rich characters that match the complex personalities she creates with her equally well-drawn words. She immigrated to the United States and attended The Art Students League in New York City. Her debut novel, Mysterious Templar, is now a trilogy followed by, The Crimson Amulet and Templar's Redemption, Her work was also translated and published in Japan by a Japanese publisher. Her novels have been well received by readers with 5 stars reviews on Amazon. She loves to travel and was privileged to visit with her husband many beautiful places in the world. Since her work is sedentary she exercises faithfully, loves to jog, play racquetball, and as a Martial Arts enthusiast she retains a black belt in Kenpo Karate. She always looks forward to a special tomorrow and writing her next exciting novel.

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