Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My Author Dream

By Judy Lynn Scovil

Oh, the exhilarating passion and dream that runs through the veins of a writer building their story. If you desire to write, start by searching for your dreams and irresistible passions, your unique experiences that you long to release! Search your heart for what stirs the very essence of your soul. Keep a pen close, as it’s vital to journal personal and passionate thoughts.
My writing journey began with dreams and visions in the night. It helped me tremendously to pray for understanding. With a journal in hand and an ever-increasing insatiable desire to know and speak truth, I soon discovered it was my destiny in waiting! Look back in your life and longings. For me it was a deep love for God and his people and passion to study, research and teach the Word of God. I soon discovered a way to feed that passion by teaching in home bible studies. That progressed into a platform to write as well as an inspiration to unite people, teach the truth that not one child of God be deceived, as well as teach about the power of our destinies. Our God has an amazing plan for all his children. We must discover who we are along this journey; this will be a powerful writing tool! This is a crucial hour to step up to discover our destinies and use our gifts! The very reason we are called to this earth is to fulfill a special purpose-- perhaps yours is with a pen!
Additionally, it’s important to find a wonderful atmosphere that promotes creativity and encourages words to flow. Every writer realizes the importance of drawing back and dwelling first in a sanctuary of repose. My inspiration is writing by my water garden, surrounded by woods, singing birds, and blooming flowers. A peaceful soul finds an incredible source of wealth to write within a quiet place of refuge. In stillness we discover God’s strength and unfolding wisdom! Then our energies ignite, creativities and passions flow, and our writings flourish.

Every writer understands the thrill and excitement of what I call the “hunt” for the story! Whatever we write, it must be thorough and well written. A good friend taught me that it’s best not to tell your readers, but to show them. Let your sound research speak for itself.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Reach for Christians, colleagues, friends, and family who have been gifted with amazing skills to assist in your writing process! Establish a powerful foundation.  I have a team captain, a prayer team; one friend helps edit, another assists with social media. My team has helped me be well prepared for this writing journey!
Good tools set in place are essential for writers and authors. In one breathless moment we might become lost in a wonderful world of literary words. Remember, enjoy your journey of writing.
We are better together!
Judy Lynn Scovil is currently signed to Priority PR Group & Literary Agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she has also taught and been an active member in her local church for the past 32 years. Apart from serving on her church's Women's Ministry board, she also supported her husband, Jim Scovil, who was Chairman of the board of Elders. Leading women's prayer groups in church for 25 years and in-home bible studies for 14 years, she is also an advocate and member for Women Leading Women. Her upcoming book is set to release in 2020. Connect with her on Facebook