May 14, 2019

It Starts with a Phrase

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

“Hold Me” is the name of one of Ronaldo’s designer bracelets. Each of his bracelets has a name or phrase to go along with his design that inspired him. Along with the bracelet comes the card and explanation, “For everyone who is or has been your everlasting, always remember to hold them closely and cherish your time together.” It was a popular item during the recent Mother’s Day Sales due to the story circulating, “Hold Me” were the last words his Mother spoke to him.    

Other bracelet names are “Hope”, for the breast cancer bracelet with some of the proceeds going to breast cancer research, Romance, Journey, and Etched in Time. One of my favorite names is “Katbird” which may mean you are sitting in an enviable position.

As with Renaldo’s creations many creations start with a phrase. Songwriters call it a hook. We see it begin a song, poem, story or book. Something about a phrase has caught the ear or eye of the creator and the emotion it created within them moved them enough to create. The words “Hold Me” reminds parents of the many times they have heard a child or grandchild ask them to hold me. A spouse when ill or a parent when ill may utter the same words. It is a phrase common to us all but for different reasons and with different memories and emotions.  

I love phrases. I listen for them and use them when I can. As a fan of The Blues I hear simple phrases used in many of the songs. Some are humorous and some are meaningful. With the older Blues songs I wonder if a phrase was used widely and placed in a song or did the song make the phrase popular. I am sure it is some of both.

The phrase “Hold Me” along with the explanation was something I heard while shopping in a gift shop for a Mother’s Day gift. Having lost my parents, it struck a chord. Most phrases that do, I keep. 

I hope you do the same. It is a gift given us along our day to day journey. Be aware of the gift, accept them, hold them close and return them to the world as a part of something you have created.

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