February 8, 2016

Words in Print

By Ron Shaw

So, I hear you're a writer. How many books have your written? Wow, eleven published works! That's marvelous. How's the whole putting words into print going? It must be an incredible feeling of accomplishment to be an author. You're obviously an experienced one. What does it really feel like when your words finally make it into print?

If you're an author, you've probably heard questions such as the ones above and many more. Although I never tire of answering them, my responses have seen a dramatic change over time. For instance, the following sentence is how I now answer the last question above. Publishing a book is like the excitement you experience on your wedding day only to find after the joyous "I do" you'll be honeymooning for two weeks alone in the desert. The title of Charles Dickens novel GREAT EXPECTATIONS comes to mind here.

How do you handle the solitude that comes with writing, and then, flip the switch to warp speed as you attempt to market yourself and them? More importantly, how do you manage the disappointments that follow your greatest expectations once your book or books are out there? Is it possible to juggle the demands of your characters and stories and have a normal life? I’ve struggled as a sophomoric newborn to the often-wacky world of penning books with these questions. I fear there are more questions than books basking in the evening sun at Amazon.

Writing is an endeavor cloaked in solitude. I've had to learn this, and after a few books in print, I've come to embrace this aspect of the alluring obsession. But, with that said, the drastic change of pace that naturally comes once a book is out there and you're called into action to hawk the product is nothing short of phenomenal and frightening. Writing is innately introverted and everything else involved after the fact is obligatory extroversion and sadly, narcissistic. The whole yin yang thing here takes ample time to process.

With time and loss of sleep, the characters, stories, and writing epiphanies will begin to cooperate better. In fact, I've been amazed how quickly they simply roll over and go back to sleep when they're directed to do so. Their circadian clocks can be synchronized with yours.

I can't speak for any writer other than myself, but as for me, the selling of books remains an unadulterated mystery. I've evolved to the stage where the act of giving mine away is far more gratifying and rewarding than taking money for them. I'd never encourage others to do so.

So, I hear you're a writer.
I'm Ron Shaw, a southern author and radio host. I'm a retired Atlanta Police officer. Atlanta born and raised. My journey into words for print began in early October 2013 after a near death experience. My first book SEVEN FISH TREE is the result of this miraculous dream or NDE. Before winter this year, I'll have eleven or twelve works published. Every Monday evening from 8 PM to 9 PM EST I host a live International radio show that's cleverly named The Ron Shaw Show over at the ArtistFirst Radio Network. I've had guests on my shows from around the globe like authors, publsihers, musicians, entertainers, storytellers, and celebrities. Visit my show web site by clicking this link My personal web site and blog link is Often, I can be found knocking about at Twitter @rongizmo Facebook or my show site at Facebook at Pinterest My Amazon author's page link is I'm also at many sites like Tumblr, LinkedIn, iAuthor, BeeZeeBooks, Readers Gazette, Wise Grey Owl, Authorsdb, and more. I very much appreciate the opportunity to be associated with you. I'm very proud of my southern roots.

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