February 16, 2016

Marketing Tips–Twitter

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief, Southern Writers Magazine

I received this email and wanted to share it with you as it has information and techniques on how to use Twitter effectively for marketing. This link  is Social Quant’s, and this article was written by Josue Valles titled Twitter Marketing Tips: The Complete List dated December 29,2015. It is a complete list he has given to use Twitter effectively.
 Most writers use Facebook but I believe it is important to use Twitter also. For the most part you are reaching people you don’t reach on Facebook. Remember Marketing 101– the more places your name the more coverage you get.

The information he provided seems to have everything broken down where you can actually walk through it and pick and choose what will work best for you. He also included a PDF with the best Twitter marketing tips. Hope this helps you look at adding another social media to your marketing belt.

Not long ago, I had a conversation with two top award winning writers and we were discussing how it has become more difficult to get sales because there are so many books coming out on the market. While that is a factor, it is simply a detour arrow on the road to marketing. Why? If you go back through history you will find that when an industry has a problem, what happens, people become inovative and look for ways to go around it, change it, or develop a new maket…which in essence creates a “new” way to do it.

It’s like when they were building a railroad…they had to find ways to go over, through or around moutains. That happens in all areas. And our sector, selling books, is no different.

One of the things you will find, with all these books coming on the market, when a book is bought from one of these new writers because they like the title and/or the cover, if the story isn’t well written, if it is not edited, in other other words is full of errors, you will find that person is not going to be around very long. So as fast as they come into the market, they will leave just about that fast. Trust me, I get books sent to me all the time to read, and so many of them are chocked full of errors. So much so, it is difficult to read.

So don’t think you are going to lose your reader base. If they bought one of your books, liked it they are going to buy another one of your books and contionue to buy your new book every time you release one. You can bet they are going to stay with you; as long as you continue to write books worth reading, don’t slack on your editing and stay in touch with your readers.


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