February 2, 2016


By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief, Southern Writers Magazine

It occurred to me last Monday, it was time to plan my schedule for the year in regards to working on my writing skills. Well, all of a sudden, it seemed overwhelming. How was I going to work that in this year with the schedule I already have. After all, there is my work, teaching a writers group, visiting and spending time with my children, siblings, and most important spending time with my husband, and the other areas, such as coffee with friends, etc.

I am one of these that believe we need continuing education each year to refresh what we know or learn new skills. Keeping our skills and minds fresh in what we do is important.  Most professions require continuing educational courses to keep their credentials.

For writers, although we normally don’t have to do this for “credentials”, we might consider doing this to make our writing better, fresher and taking our skills to the next level.

Obviously, with my work schedule with Southern Writers Magazine, I can’t find a time right now to go to the University and take one or more of their great courses, so for me the next best thing is to fit my schedule around “on-line” courses. Fortunately, some universities offer these. Now, there are free writing courses I understand on-line, however, I would certainly want to check those out before signing up and giving them my information. Not saying any are bad, just saying I will do my research.

One thing for sure this year, whichever course I choose to take, I will want to make sure of two things: There is a deadline and I have a week to complete each assignment. Without these two important factors for me, I will not be able to complete the course.

How about you, are you thinking in terms of refreshing some of your writing skills or perhaps learning new ones? If you are, please share your information on the places that offer good programs.

Have a fantastic year writing those words you have in your head!

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