July 9, 2015

Four Years of Authors, over 1000 Author Blog Posts and a Writing Contest

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

This month, Southern Writers Magazine celebrates four years of articles on writing, author interviews, and changes in the writing business. It's an incredible resource for anyone interested in writing or learning more about an author they enjoy reading. Subscriptions come with various venues to help authors promote themselves. If you haven't tried the magazine, you can purchase a single issue or annual digitally or in print.

The magazine's blog, Suite T, has over 1000 blog posts archived on its site. The archives contain the solutions to many different writer dilemmas. You'll find encouragement from authors and for authors. Character development discussions, writing from different points of views, writing different genres are among many of the blog posts. You hear bi-monthly from Southern Writers Magazines editor, Susan Reichert, Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor, Gary Fearon, Creative Director, and me.  

When the magazine started, our editor wanted the blog to be reflective and compliment the articles found within the covers of the magazine. Three days a week, MWF, guest authors post. If you're an author and would like to submit a post, you can checkout the guidelinesOn the blog, as well as the magazine, authors who guest post on the blog, have their books listed in the blog bookstore, linking directly to Amazon to help guest authors with book sales. Be sure and sign up to have the blog sent to you each day of the work week, so you don't miss any posts. 

The annual Southern Writers Magazine's writing contest is currently open with a grand prize of $500. Deadline is August 1, 2015.

If you're an author or have a story you've always wanted to write, you should write it and enter the contest. You'll never win if you don't write it and enter the contest. There will be a winner, so start writing. The 2015 Southern Writers Magazine contest winner could be you.

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