July 31, 2015

Writing in a Variety of Genres Provides Readers Choices

By B. J. Robinson

Branding is wonderful because a reader knows certain authors who write a particular genre, but some indie authors offer a variety of choices for their readers. How? I write in various genres for that purpose, but I only write in genres I love to read.

Readers make better writers, so if you’re considering branching into other areas, be sure to use the areas you read. For example, I write historical fiction because I love to read it. I’m also a fan of romantic suspense and pen books in that area. Sometimes, we’re all in the mood for a shorter piece. I love long books at times, but there are those times when a short read is perfect for the occasion.

The first step is deciding which genres you enjoy reading the most and read books in those areas. Next, write the best story you can and pull your reader in with a hook. Give your readers something different by providing a unique read based on experiences you’ve had in real life.

People can experience the same thing, but come away with a different perspective. Your view is what will make your writing unique. Write from the heart. If you don’t feel passion and emotion for your work, neither will the reader.

I picked up a book by an author and loved the story though there were typos. It was my first time reading this author. Of course the best thing is a book without them that has a great story, but how many times have you selected one that was about as perfect as a book can get as far as punctuation, capitalization, and grammar only to discover the book doesn’t hold you by the seat of your pants and demand you finish it? There’s something missing. It doesn’t draw you into it with a pull you can’t resist.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather a great story that keeps my attention even if the book has a few mistakes instead of one that the best I would be able to say about it is, someone knows how to use conventions.  Now, I’m not talking about poorly constructed books full of mistakes, but ones that have a few, but the story flows, is unique, and keeps me reading. I made up my mind the day I read this book that the woman could write. She could tell a story. That’s what mattered to me. I will watch for her sequel and snap it right up, typos or not because her writing is unique and provides a story that takes me to another world. She draws me in hook, line, and sinker, and I want to be sunk in the book I’m reading. This reader also publishes different genres and from what I saw, I’ll want to read only one type of her work.

Writing in various genres provides me with the enjoyment of creating different worlds and a variety of books, and it provides my readers with more of a selection. You may like one type I write, for instance, but not another genre. Some of my readers devour every book I write. Others pick and choose because they have reader choice. If I wrote in only one genre, I would miss those readers, and they would miss some good books. Write the best book you can, stick to the conventions, and edit or have your book edited. Give indie authors a chance. They improve with time like anyone does with experience.
B. J. Robinson loves reading and writing Civil War era historical romance as well as various other genres to provide choice for her readers. You’ll find romantic suspense, sweet contemporary romance, mystery, short stories, novellas, and full-length novels from which to choose when you check out her Amazon page. She’s an Amazon best-selling author of over twenty books. Blessed with children, grandchildren, and pets, she pens her fiction from Florida where she lives with her husband and pets. Visit her on social media at:,


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