June 12, 2014

Words and Pictures

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine 

This week I was invited to a pre-screening of a movie that was on my-want-to-see-list. Juliette Binoche is a once-successful painter turned Honors Art teacher, and Clive Owen is a one-time published author who is now an Honors English teacher in a romantic dramedy, “Words and Pictures.” As the movie unfolds, a sparring between the two escalates to a "war," and it spills into an inspiring effect on both the characters and the promising students at an exclusive high school. The movie basis, without any spoilers, questions which is more important "Words or Pictures."

The movie got me thinking about which is more important. As writers, you would think its a no brainer, of course it's words. Right? Well, not so fast. As writers, our desire is to let our words paint pictures in our readers’ minds. We dream of writing something that will positively stay with our readers, in their minds, from the first page until the page that says, "The End."

Wait a minute. Every book has cover art and let's face it, readers are attracted to our books because of what they first see that compels them to open the book and read our words. To be honest, the cover art is the hook. Therefore it is an important component to a book's success. If a book is never picked up, you the writer, won't make a sale. It may even be more important if you are an ebook writer. Someone scrolling the thousands of book options available will not even click a link to your book to read your book description unless the cover stops their search capturing their attention. Only then will your description be read...your precious words. 

In conclusion, "Words and Pictures" are equally important for a writer’s success. What do you think? "Words or Pictures" or both equally?

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