June 24, 2014


By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine

It seems digital only magazines have decided they want a print magazine to go along with their digital. If you are wondering why, a few million people out there still like to hold that magazine in their hands. However, the main reason is the advertising. You see companies who advertise their products know they get better responses for that buck they pay to advertise when it is in print.

If you don’t think print is viable for authors, think about all those celebrities in glamor land (Big screen and TV) that have their agents working overtime to get them on the covers of those magazines. They want to snag interviews in the magazines and get their movies listed.

Author’s watching this can take some notes here. Get in the magazines. Let people see you, read about you and your books. What you do, how you do it and how many books you’ve written. People love to hear how you’ve accomplished your success. They also love to hear how many obstacles you overcame to get to this point. So don’t be shy in telling them how many rejections you went through before “hitting it”––getting published.

This is a great source to put in your tool belt for marketing and promoting and selling those books!

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