Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To Birth an Idea

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

Ideas, some say are a dime a dozen, but in truth each one may be that ‘pot of gold’. Treat them gingerly, when one comes, write it down, don’t let it fade away.  Many wonderful ideas are born every day in our minds. It would behoove us to carry a notebook around and write them down.
Then we should take the time and look them over, let our imagination look at them, and see where it could lead us. Don’t throw any away just yet.  Put them in a file, and look them over regularly.  Some may have promise.  Eventually you may weed out the ones that don’t and throw those away, but I like to keep mine, and visit them often, I never know when my imagination is going to jump in and say, “Hey, this is viable and we can do that one now!”
Take the ideas that have promise and cultivate, nurture and fertilize. Begin; think about it, where is your mind leading you. With the internet, you can search out any and everything that could be associated with your idea. Look at all of the angles. When the time is right, use it for yourself.
It only takes one good idea to lead to that ‘pot of gold’.

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