April 20, 2012

Rejection is an Invitation

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

I have the natural athletic ability of a slug. All through from elementary to high school I was picked last. I was so bad, the team captain would select someone in a cast before me. In fact my first B in college was in Badminton. Seriously, how does one not get an A in Badminton? 

I was familiar with the sting of rejection long before I sent the first query letter. As authors we experience rejection in our stagnant Facebook author page, our unretweeted tweets, and form letter answers to queries. Today, I'd like to invite us to view rejection through a different lens.

What is we saw rejection as an invitation? How would it embolden us if rejection were an invitation to submit elsewhere, to try a new Facebook tactic or to follow someone new on Twitter. What is we stopped letting rejection dictate our destiny and instead used it as the launching pad to our next success?

Let's encourage each other today! Share with us a rejection you've committed to retool into a invitation. What will you invite yourself to do?

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