Monday, April 9, 2012

Lost as Last Year's Easter Egg?

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

While enjoying the Easter festivities with our family and watching the kids hunt for Easter Eggs, I was reminded of the expression, “as lost as last year’s Easter egg”. I have heard this for most of my life. Its uses refer to a person actually lost or being frustrated and not knowing what to do next. We all have been there with last year’s Easter egg at one time or another. When we are what do we need to do?

If you find you are lost or frustrated with where you are in your writing that may not be a bad thing. It could be a wake-up call. Tiger Woods said, “I think that’s a good thing you get frustrated. Because obviously you have expectations of what you can do, what you can accomplish. And I think that’s good.” As Tiger said you may be there due to your clear vision of where you want to go, want to be or what you want to accomplish and find yourself coming up short. Recognizing your position is important to your work. You recognize you aren’t there yet and need more because you expect more and know you can accomplish more.

Once you find yourself there take time to evaluate what it is that is missing. What is bringing your frustration?  Pick it apart and in detail write it down and begin working on the concerns. Many times I have found what I thought was the source of frustration was not the problem at all. The problem was something else altogether. Once the problem is identified we can address it and move forward.

Just as Easter comes regularly and eggs are lost, we must remember that our frustration will come regularly as well. We will again find ourselves lost or frustrated and again will need to search for the source of this frustration. Remember the process and take the time to identify, address and move forward. Use your frustration as a measuring tool for your accomplishments. If they come up short of your expectations you will know it and will have work to do. My hope is you find all your eggs.

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