April 3, 2012

Complain or Complete?

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

Most people I have talked to this week have complained about the month of April being here.
Why you might ask? Their response, “Because it brings rain, rain and more rain.” I find their complaint a little disconcerting and wonder if they feel this way about many things that happen in their life.
To me April brings the showers to prepare the grounds and seeds for the beautiful flowers that bloom in May. Those same showers have a way of cleaning our world and making it new again.
As a writer, we probably feel the same way about certain task we have to do in order to write and finish an article or a novel. Things we might have to do to get it ready for publishing that we really don’t like to do.  Not everything is easy. Just like April, our writing needs a good shower to clean up the residue left from our winters and prepare for new ideas for forthcoming articles and books and perhaps to wash away cobwebs left on writings that need finishing.
Relish this month, a month of cleaning and preparing, changing and editing that is  needed for new things and old to bring them to life.

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