April 19, 2012

Dr. Who?

by Sheri Powell

There are many women like me who prefer a female OB/GYN. My reason though it is humorous now, was not funny back then. My story begins with, years ago when I was a KIDS Church leader, it was time for my annual check-up and so off to the doctors I went.  After completing the check-in ritual, I was shown to the examination room and I waited patiently for my doctor to come in.

A few minutes later, a male doctor pops in and stares at me like he knows me. I have this weird feeling inside my gut. “Do you work at this hospital, you look familiar?” he asked. 

“No,” I quickly responded. 

I knew my regular doctor was pregnant, but her due date wasn’t for a couple of months. That feeling in my belly intensified and so I nervously asked where my doctor was. His reply was that she had been transferred to another unit. I paused for a moment and then decided to proceed with the checkup. Following the exam and after a brief consultation, I left the hospital and never gave this encounter a second thought.

The following Wednesday night in KIDS Church, as our service was wrapping up, some of the parents arrived early to pick up their children. Guess who shows up? Yep, Dr. Who (I never did get his name). I felt like I was about to faint. I whispered to one of the teachers to cover for me as I ran to the back of the room to hide. This turned out to be one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.  For the next couple of months when I went to church, I continued to dodge Dr. Who, who I am told has since moved out of state. As you have probably guessed, because of this incident, I make sure my doctor is in, before I go to the examination room. 

I shared this story not to just give you a giggle, though it is funny now…but for us to encourage one another in regards to your own health and well-being. We writers tend to spend a large span of our time and energy taking care of everyone else’s needs first. Don’t get me wrong, the investments we make in others are not in vain. But I believe it’s time we stop hitting the snooze button on our own health. 

No more feeling guilty about having to take a day off to go to the doctors, no more shame – just close the door and take that power nap; if you need support to shed those extra pounds, join the gym or start a walking group. You could even consider teaming up with your fellow authors on your weight loss journey.

A healthy writer is a productive one and a productive one can do the most good!

Sheri Powell is the author of Pausing With God, ‘A Journey Through Menopause’.  It wasn’t until she was in the midst of her journey that she discovered the benefit of community. Sheri believes every season of our life has a purpose and she aims to encourage girls and women of all ages to start taking better care of themselves NOW. 

Sheri's mantra is "not be a super model, just want to be the best me I can be and I am wanting that for you too!" If you would like to share your story or just comment; you can do so on her website,  

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