August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday To...You

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

Today is my birthday.  Due to the onslaught of Social Media, I've already had enough greetings to make me feel like a celebrity.  The question is whom am I celebrating?  If I am serious about my message and delivering it to others then even my birthday is an occasion to celebrate others.

My desire is for my birthday to be a celebration of life because I approach everyday with the expectation of finding extraordinary in the ordinary.  Can one use social media to turn a birthday into a celebration?  Absolutely!

Ask Questions

If someone posts on your Facebook wall and you haven't seen them in a bit, ask how they are.  Use Twitter to ask a thought-provoking question and ask for the answer, as your "present".  Utilize questions to turn the focus back on others.

Be Thankful

Traditionally, birthdays are an opportunity for wishes.  I use social media to be thankful for others.  Whether I type or whisper my gratitude in my heart, I send up thanksgiving.  I allow myself to wonder at a life this blessed and ponder how this ordinary life can impact others. 

Let Someone Else Sit in the Birthday Chair

I asked my friend, Patti, to blog for me today.  Not only did I get a break on my birthday but I got to step aside in humility and let someone else shine on "my" day.  It is much more fun to let another sit in the birthday chair.

The next time your birthday rolls around, consider throwing an online party filled with questions, gratitude and humility.  Sing the birthday song as loud as you can and remember the final word is you not me.

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