August 17, 2011

I Have a Dream: How Dreams Become Reality

by Susan Reichert

What is it you want out of life? Today can be the day you decide what your desire is. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want your life to look like?
I know these are many ‘what questions’. However, they are important, and you need to answer each one of them. You see, until you decide what it is you desire to accomplish you are not going to do anything. Nothing will change. You will still get the same results you have been getting. You will still be going nowhere.

When you get to the end of life, do you really want to be laying there saying “I wish I had…” or “If only I had done…”?  This could happen. However, I have a feeling you are a person who will make the changes necessary to avoid that being the end.
List out your desires, envision what you want them to look like, draw out the plans, make a commitment to yourself you will achieve them. Sounds as if I have a but coming doesn’t it? I do. You see in order to accomplish those desires you will have to set deadlines. You need one for each phase of your plan. Take ownership and make this happen for you.

Many people set up goals, but they fail to reach them. One sure fire way to fail is not to make a plan and set the deadlines.

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