August 1, 2011

Who Do You Know?

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

Who do you know? How many people do you know? Have you ever thought about it? Psychologists tell us on average we can handle personal relationships with five hundred people. Knowing who you know and contacting them is one of the basics of marketing. This sounds elementary but it is vital to your success. The question is, “Do you know who you know?” We can help you with this.

Old school marketing would have you sit down with a legal pad and start a list of everyone you know. One hundred names come to mind quickly. But it has been found to be more productive with a, “I know these people because” list. Defining your list by your relationships opens your mind up to a greater number of people. Here are some examples starting with one of the easiest.
I know people because they are: Family, Friends, neighbors, former neighbors,  school or college class mates.  This is what we usually think of but we need to go further.
I know these people because they are interested in my children: teachers, parents of playmates, school administrators, music teachers, dance teachers, coaches etc.
I know these people because:
  • They are Church members, Sunday School members, study groups, religious societies.
  • They are active in organizations in which I, or my family, are members: College Alumni Associations, PTA, United Way, Red Cross, Cancer Society, Salvation Army, Literacy Council, sorority, fraternity and civic clubs.
  • They are interested in my home: Realtors, landlord, builders, building supplies, carpenters, plumbers, painters, landscape architects.
  • They are interested in my hobbies: golf, photography, music, tennis, public speaking, chess, movies, travel, drama, WRITING, members of your club. Chances are if you are reading this your writing has gone beyond a hobby or you are certainly headed in that direction.
  • They are merchants, grocers, bakers, business owners I do business with.
  • They are interested in my car: dealer, gas station owner, repair shop, and parking lot attendant.
  • They are former business associates, clients, competitors, employees and employers.
Now that is a mind joggling list. I bet as you read this you are coming up with names you haven’t thought of in years. If these people are like most, they would love to know that you are writing, published, or about to be, and will want to know more. Everyone wants to know the author!
Do you know who you know? Work on your list this week. You will amaze yourself with the number of people you know. Next week we will take the next vital step and begin contacting them with your great news!   

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