August 8, 2011

Marketing is Full Contact

by, Doyne Phillips

Armed with a list of three, four, five hundred or more names of people you know we are ready for our next move. If you have yet to complete your list it isn’t too late. Go to the August 1st Monday Marketing Blog for instruction and do so. Also remember this is a living breathing document and will need constant updates as your life and relationships change.

Old school marketing would have you sit with your list and begin calling them one by one until you have brought your message to them all. There are several problems with this in the digital age.

First we must consider the time involved. Let’s say you have four hundred names on your list and you have everyone’s phone number. A telemarketer tells me she can call eight to ten people per hour and makes calls for five hours a day. Not bad but remember she is calling strangers. Many of which cut the call short with “not interested”. You will be calling “those you know” so they may want to chat. Let’s say you can get eight calls in an hour at five hours a day so forty calls a day. If you are consistent in a matter of ten days you will have it covered. TEN DAYS?! Are you kidding?

Secondly we find many of those on your list no longer have a home phone to call. That leaves your contact by phone through their cell or business number. You may have some cell numbers and business numbers but not all. Use what you have of course but is there another way.

My telemarketer also told me she had over four hundred Facebook friends. I asked how long it takes to contact all of her Facebook friends. Yep, you got it, only seconds! You decide, TEN DAYS or TEN SECONDS?

So make those on your list your Facebook friends. Follow them on Twitter. Get Linkd in. Connect them all to your website and or blog. Tell your story to hundreds in seconds!  
If you need help with your social media platform watch this blog for Foundation Fridays with Shannon Milholland, our Social Media Director and Blogger Extraordinaire!

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