August 3, 2020

A Touchy Subject

LuAnn K. Edwards

Have you ever worked for a boss who was difficult to work with? I thought about one I had and wondered what would happen if the receiver of his rudeness ended up falling in love with him. What would that look like? That’s the story you’ll find in my Christian contemporary romance series—Love Comes Again.

In Book 1, Only A Glimpse, Keedryn Reynolds is a widow and executive assistant who wants to work hard, prove herself responsible, and do her best for God. She gets a boss, Blake Conner, who can’t find anything good to say about her work. Though she’s not interested in romance, she would like to develop a friendship or at least a better working relationship with him. She also feels led to share God’s love and later realizes she’s sharing her love too.

However, Blake is dealing with guilt over his wife’s death and his son’s disappearance, and he takes his frustration out on Keedryn. He’s been attracted to her from the beginning but fights it because he’s not interested in a relationship. Plus, he’s her boss.

In Book 2, Let Him Go, Keedryn is ready to pursue a deeper friendship with Blake but insists on taking things slow. After a romantic evening, trouble erupts at the office when rumors fly. A new policy goes into effect that could destroy their budding romance. She’s falling for him, but his non-existent relationship with the Lord causes her concern. When a voice pounds in her head to let him go, their newfound love may not survive.

Book 3, Charm and Perfection, will release this fall and wrap up Keedryn and Blake’s story.

Although it’s possible to fall in love in the workplace, my story may be a touchy subject for some. I did not write this to offend anyone. Instead, I wrote this story to shed light on the problems that can occur in this situation. As in life, my characters don’t make it through unscathed. Although the company that my couple worked for had a harassment policy, it didn’t have a specific policy in place against supervisors and subordinates dating—until after Keedryn’s first date with Blake.

Getting my series about a boss and employee’s romance published was my biggest challenge. I was told my story wouldn’t work. This puzzled me, although I was aware of problems in the workforce where power-hungry bosses take advantage of women. My story didn’t fit that scenario.

But their concerns caused me to review my manuscript again. Neither of my main characters wanted a relationship with the other. Doesn’t love just happen? And I believed my story honored God.

When I found a publisher for my series, I sent my first manuscript off to a freelance editor for review. He suggested I rewrite a few scenes to make it even clearer that this was a friendly relationship and not a coerced one. I took his suggestions. That’s the story you’ll find in my Love Comes Again series.

The thing that surprised me most, as a new author, was how the characters took on a life of their own. I became emotionally involved and attached with these people who lived in my head. Now that my series is nearing completion, I’m sure I’ll miss my characters, because they became a part of my heart too. I hope they find a place in yours.

LuAnn K. Edwards writes Christian contemporary romance for women who enjoy a wholesome love story that inspires faith and hope. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She grew up in Ohio, lived in Tennessee for many years, and currently resides in New Mexico with her husband of forty-five years. LuAnn adores her children, grandchildren, puggle Pebbles, and cat Paka. A former mathematics teacher and administrative professional, she enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, and spending time with her family. 

You may find her online at to learn more about her Love Comes Again series.



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