May 23, 2018

The Art of Writing Out of Your Head

By Charlotte D. Hunt

You sit in front of your computer with thoughts of fantastic characters, brave new worlds, and words that will make a difference in the lives who need it most. Your heart beats with excitement experiencing the privilege you’ve been given to create and interpret words to the masses as a gift. You write with freedom and joy. Then gradually, thoughts, doubts, and distractions, bit by bit, and day by day draw you further away from the joy and freedom of your craft. Does that pattern sound familiar?

When I wrote my first book, my fingers could not move fast enough for words to run on the page. Thoughts came freely from the passion of the work and the focus of what I wanted to say. Over time, I began to think about the opinions of others.  I doubted the book’s value and began to focus on everything running through my mind except the reason why I began to sit at the computer to write in the first place. I was working to write one nice, well-structured sentence after the next in short spurts. 

However, I lost the joy and freedom of, “Writing out of my Head.” I was so busy trying to be the next John Grisham that I failed to simply use my own gifts and share the value of my message for others. I was not enjoying the process of writing.

Eventually, my editor and friend simply told me, “Stop thinking and just write!” It was the best advice that I have ever received as a writer and I offer it to you. Stop thinking and simply begin to write out of your head. We certainly need to do our research, market work, create outlines, and do the administrative non-writing part that goes with our craft. However, once we sit at the computer or instrument of choice to write we can write out of our heads with freedom.

There are a few steps to begin to write out of your head:

1. Before you sit down to write, remind yourself why you are writing this work. Are you trying to entertain, educate, inform, encourage, etc.? Allow that to be your sole focus during your time of writing for that day.

2. When you sit down to write, just write without editing yourself or worrying about grammar, punctuation, structure, or interpretation. Allow editing to be done once great and flowing thoughts and words have been placed freely on the page.

3. The moment your mind begins to clutter with the opinions of people, doubt, the pressure of agents, fear, or anything outside of your focus, stop writing and walk away. Distract yourself, get refocused, and then begin writing again.

When we master the art of writing out of our heads, we become the creative artists our readers deserve and our readers enjoy the fruits of our unfettered writing.  Happy writing!
Charlotte D. Hunt is the award-winning author of seven books, a national speaker, counselor, retired international runway model, off Broadway actress, recording artist and Jazz musician, national radio personality and founder of Hunt for Personal Optimization. She has been featured on numerous radio and television programs, three national documentaries, PBS specials, The 700 Club and has impacted lives worldwide encouraging individuals to use their journeys to change the world one story and one life at a time. Social Media: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:

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