May 8, 2018

Questions To Ask Before Marketing and Promoting

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine 

Authors know they need to promote their books and market themselves.

But, before the promoting and marketing begins here are two questions authors should ask themselves and determine the answers so they can develop a profitable and successful promotion and marketing program.

“What is the value the reader will receive from reading the author’s book?”

“What is unique about the author’s book?”

By the time an author reaches this stage of promoting and marketing their understanding should be clear and concise on how their book stands apart from other books.

What does the author’s book offer that would entice the reader to choose their book over another author’s book?

Without realizing it most readers are expecting benefits from the books they read.

Readers have desires and needs and they look for books to fill these.

When an author can answer these questions, this gives them promotional and marketing material to use in their campaign, which will standout above the other authors.

When an author delves into studying what makes people buy a particular book to read they find the best place to start is with themselves.

Interview questions for the author. (Be specific)
·         When you visit a bookstore, what books draw your attention?
·         Why do you go there first?
·         As you walk and gaze at the books on a shelf, what stands out first?
·         Why did it stand out?
·         Is that why you picked up the book to look closer?
·         Did you turn it over and read the back cover?
·         Did that interest you?
·         Did you open the book and read a paragraph or two?
          What caused you to either buy the book or put it back on the shelf?

These questions, when honestly answered will tell you not only what you do, but it will give you a great understanding of what other readers do. It also gives you information you need for developing your promotion and marketing campaign.

So, grab a pen, pad and go to your bookstore.

Answer the questions above. Have fun.

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