October 19, 2016

How I write 250-500 Words a Day

By Grace Brooks

Writing for me is a lonely occupation, and a solitary existence. It occupies a lot of my time, and leaves me with no social life.

Friends have asked me why I don’t go out with them more; they tell me I don’t know the first thing about having fun. I tell them I have fun my way.

When I answer I will be working at my writing at the time the social or whatever they want me to go to, is taking place, they look at me, roll their eyes and say, “Oh, yeah. Sure.”

So, how do I do it? How do I put up with the loneliness of writing?

Writing is not easy work. Writing is for the perfectionist. I want that word exact word that expresses perfectly what I’m saying. I don’t want messy writing with sentence fragments, too long sentences, and a story with a plot that moves forward instead of jumping back and forward.

The best way to write, I find, is to sit down and write. Don’t worry about how the story looks at first. I use handwriting just to get the words down on paper.

After I think I’ve finished the story, I go back and edit. Yes, edit. I find I cut a lot of scenes, then add more words, so the story is not shortened any. This will be done later if the story needs shortening...

Revise. Write. Revise. I ask a friend to read through the manuscript and give me feedback as how to improve on it.

Finally. My story is finished. It’s perfectly formatted; spelling has been checked, etc. Editors and publishing houses will be eager to grab up the manuscript and turn it into a book.

It works this way, sometimes. I’ve had one story published by an educational publishing house. All the rest of my books are self-published.

I write best in the early morning. I can be up at 1 or 2 am at my computer, working away.

Writing isn’t for the lazy person or the faint hearted. It’s a calling for me, a drive I cannot suppress. I must write.

It’s nice to see my books in print. My story has been told, a legacy to the world.

I write because it’s a must for me. I write because I have a lot inside me to say. It has to be brought out for the world to share.

That is why and how I write.

Christian author, Grace Brooks enables authors of all ages to experience the reality of the spiritual conflict as forces of good and evil clash. Open the pages of her books. As the conflict unfolds Grace Brooks leads readers, as she leads the Asquinn twins, Martin and Martha, and her many characters to learn that evil is real. They also learn that God has called Christians to be steadfast and unmovable in their faith as they earnestly contend for the faith. Grace Brooks was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada. At age eighteen she went west to Manitoba. Her first job was in a native sanitarium in Ninette, Manitoba. Grace currently lives in northern Manitoba along with husband, Dennis, and pet Papillion. Grace’s publishing credits are A Dog for Keeps, written under the pen name Lynette Tamar Mark, The Asquinn Twins Come to forest Lake, The Asquinn Twins Where the Trail Forks, The Asquinn Twins no Greener pastures and The Asquinn Twins: Sihon, all under the name Heather Radford. She is currently working on Book five of the series. Grace is also an ongoing contributor to The Baptists for Liberty magazine. She’s published in a SENIORS magazine for Manitoba. I can be reached at: Website: and at:

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