September 28, 2016

The Necklace

By Adriana Girolami

Many different things can stimulate the creative mind of an author. This includes inanimate objects that might come alive through the power of words and our imagination.

Recently I received a special gift from my husband, a beautiful white gold necklace that has a cross-studded with diamonds. This has a special meaning to me since the necklace belonged to his ancestor and is over two hundred years old. Given that I am an historical author, it captivated my imagination and fascinated me.

I was curious about the family's history of the jewel. Unfortunately, very little information was available to me. All I have is a picture of a lady from the Victorian era, wearing the necklace prominently around her neck.

I am sure that many women wore it through the years, before it became my possession. I wondered who they were and in what circumstance did they receive their gift. Was it a family heirloom given to them on the occasion of their marriage, or a special gift from the man they loved?

I couldn't help wondering as I stared at the beautiful necklace. Perhaps it had witnessed some love stories, or even heartbreaks and disappointments along the way. However, since I have no information available to me, it can only be conjectured on my part.
Since jewels were regarded in the past as a status symbol, women used it predominantly for special occasions. I envisioned lovely ladies dancing the night away in some stately mansions in the arms of elegant gentlemen. Opulent gowns swirled to the beat of the music, and diamonds sparkled in candle light.

The Victorian lady in the image looks somber and composed, since in those early days taking pictures was a serious business. Everything was planned to the smallest detail in order to achieve some idea of perfection. But there was a complete lack of spontaneity.

I couldn't help noticing that books were placed in the background. Perhaps they reflected a more intellectual mind and a love of reading. Since the necklace is present around the lady's neck, it must have been carefully chosen to enhance her attire. Possibly, it had some very special meaning to her.

I remain connected with the necklace to all those ladies who preceded me, and are now lost in the dust of time. Although just an inanimate object, it must have witnessed so many of their joys and sorrows. I think about it wistfully, but unfortunately, the lovely jewel rests silently in my hands.

The lady in the picture couldn't have dreamed that someday her image might be seen by millions of people through the power of the internet. Author Ken Farmer used the image of the necklace on his heroine, Marshal Fiona Miller for the cover of his book. She wears it around her neck prominently. Again, it is only through pictures and the power of words, that the necklace from my husband's ancestors has now achieved some kind of immortality.   

Adriana Girolami was born in Rome, Italy. Her creative, artistic nature was apparent as a child; she even delighted in drawing pictures on the pristine sands of Italy's coast line during beach outings. She immigrated with her family to the United States and later attended The Art Students League in New York City. Soon she embarked on a successful career as a portrait artist and illustrator, but always longed for the freedom of the written word. An avid reader, she favors distinguished, historical authors such as Sir Walter Scott and Adriana's personal favorite, Alexander Dumas.She wrote her debut novels, The Templar Trilogy containing Mysterious Templar, The Crimson Amulet and Templar's Redemption. Being a professional artist, she made the illustrations for the cover of the books. In her spare time she enjoys physical activities. Jogging faithfully, she plays racquet ball and has a black belt in Kenpo Karate. She loves to travel and visited many different countries throughout the world. This writer currently lives in Florida with her husband Raymond and their adorable cat, Padme. Her social media links are:

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