September 5, 2016

My Writing Journey

By Janice Scott

As the youngest of 10 siblings I found most of my life, I lived inside an eggshell. Being sheltered is not easy. It has its advantages and disadvantages.

I grew up in a small rural town in Arkansas, which to me is a retirement state. You leave, make your money, come back home and retire. So I left, wanting a better life for myself believing I was destined for greatness.

As an author, my goal is to encourage others. I believe all of us are connected in some way or another. Different experiences but very connected paths that really bring us closer together than we realize. An encouragement to take away is not to let anyone, any situation, any circumstance, nothing stop you from achieving your goals. Step out, go beyond your comfort zone and get it done. It will be well worth it in the end.

My book, 3 Steps inOvercoming Trials and Tribulations although about my faith and how I overcame the challenges I faced when I moved to Atlanta it was also created to encourage, motivate, and promote self-esteem and cause readers to reach that next level in life.

I write every day. I set aside the time. I also market my book every day.
Janice Scott was born in Gould, Arkansas. A rural town. She is the youngest of 10 siblings. She grew up very sheltered and felt like all her life she lived in an egg shell. Writing this book has helped her to break out of her shell become strong in her faith and is a better person as a result. Her memoir has just been inducted into the University of Arkansas Library Hall of Fame. She is also a member of readers digest. She travels to schools, colleges, churches, libraries across this country speaking about her faith. She has been on several radio shows and a host of gospel TV shows. You can contact her at
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