March 21, 2014

Three Reasons You Might Be Tangled in the Web of Complacency

By Alice J. Wisler

It’s an ugly web with thick threads. The threads don’t form overnight, but take weeks, sometimes even months. The spider who spins them is no stranger to you for upon careful observation, he holds a resemblance to you. However, how you got involved in this lackluster scenario might be cause for uncertainty. 

Confused? I’m talking about being complacent, no longer eager to rush to your keyboard or notepad.  In a word, you’re stuck. You’re feeling as bland as bran flakes.  

Been there?

Perhaps you know how those threads of this web spin on.

It’s easy to blame everyone under the sun from the burnt toast to the demanding boss, but the truth is that when you feel complacent, you have to get out of it.

Try these tools to access your current dull situation and come up with a plan to escape the confining web!

Are you feeding yourself lies? Have you forgotten that you are valuable!? You matter! Your story and the way you can tell it is unique and only you can do it. Fill your mind with some affirming truths. If there are emotional, spiritual or financial needs that have not been met, take some time to see how they could be blocking your productivity. 

Are you jealous of other authors?  How can you be a lover of words and stories if you can’t write anymore? You must not be a real writer then. You’re no good. Look at those other authors. They don’t have these problems. Sound familiar? Remember that you are only responsible for you.  Jealousy steals. Stop looking over the fence at others and concentrate on your skills. Hone them.

Have you forgotten where your passion is? Did you get off course? Are you trying to write an Amish novel because your best friend has? Is your strength really in non-fiction? Recall the day you decided you wanted to write a particular story. Then take a walk or read a much-loved book or bake a favorite dessert. When you come back to your keyboard or pad of paper, embrace your reason for wanting to tell your story.

Remember, only you can detangle yourself and get out of the dreary situation. Fight back by pursuing and offering your authentic voice! Other authors have struggled and pulled through and so can you.
Alice J. Wisler is the author of five southern novels, Rain Song (Christy Finalist), How Sweet It Is (Christy Finalist), Hatteras Girl, A Wedding Invitation and Still Life in Shadows. Since the death of her four-year-old son, Daniel, Alice has written for various bereavement magazines. She also teaches grief and loss writing workshops across the country and online. Her most recent book (non-fiction) is Getting Out of Bed in the Morning, geared to offer comfort in heartache. Her website is:  Each novel has recipes in the back because Alice believes reading and eating go hand in hand. Check out her bread in a can (from Still Life in Shadows) photos at her blog. Join me on Facebook and Twitter!

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