August 13, 2019

Using Your Head to Sell Your Writing

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief, Southern Writers Magazine  

A writer’s job isn’t just writing the book; it includes marketing the book. No matter how great your book is, if no one knows about it, won’t sell.
As writers we wear two hats. One is the writer’s hat and the other is the marketer’s hat. The writer creates a good book and the marketer creates the strategy of how to sell the book. This procedure requires you to switch your focus from production (writing) to marketing (getting your book in the hands of your readers).

One important factor is defining who your reader is. Be specific. Make a list, not just of family and friends but list the types of people you think would be interested in reading your book.

Next, plot out where to find these readers. Many people belong to organizations, associations, schools, book clubs, etc.  The more you add to your list the more avenues you will have to market your books. Example: If you are writing about building a boat you must find out where  to reach them, what they read, where they play, where they visit, where they vacation, what they buy…this type of list is a plethora of avenues to market your book.

In short, go where your readers are to market and sell your book.

Good marketing is not just about attracting the reader but serving the reader. Your book must meet a need for your reader to want to buy it. Whether you write a ‘how-to’, a mystery, sport, romance or comedy what need does it fill.

By satisfying your reader you will win a new fan who will buy every book you write and pass your name to family, friends, work groups, and to the organizations they belong to. They become your P.R. Agent.

Five things you must know

-Why did I write this book?
-Who is my Reader?
-Where do I find this Reader?
-Why would they want to read my book?
-What makes my book more interesting?

Remember, marketing is building a positive relationship with your reader.

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