March 12, 2019

My Thankful List

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine

We all at one time or another say we are thankful for something or someone.  Lately I have begun to wonder if we really understand what that word means and if we do in fact mean it.
I realized that I have many opportunities every day to thank someone for helping me and to tell them just how grateful I am they took some of their time and spent it on me.

All the moments in a day when someone gives me comfort or pleasure, I need to make sure to say thank you. I need to remember not to take them for granted.

Perhaps, I should make a list, I can call it my Thankful List, and make a note of each thing and each person I am grateful for and at the end of the week begin a new list.

Keeping the lists, I could check at the end of every month how many times each was listed during the month. Then spend a few moments reflecting on all the things I do have in my life to be grateful for showing me just how blessed I am.

Perhaps we could send a few thank you notes to some of these wonderful people so they would be blessed.

As writers it helps to remember to be thankful for the time we do have to write. That we are doing what we love and to be thankful for the people who support us and encourage us.

Let us remember each time we sit down to write; just how thankful we should be.

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