March 14, 2019

It Starts With A Book Cover

By Annette Cole Mastron, Southern Writers Magazine's Communications Director

Author and speaker, William Alan Webb recently spoke at a writers group I attended. The focus of his talk was predominantly on  how to get your book noticed in the field of over 7 million titles available on Amazon. He highlighted the importance of a good book cover that looks interesting to the viewer in a thumbnail view. If the cover is too ornate or difficult to see, readers will skip on to the next catchy title that draws their attention.

Webb currently writes in the genre of Military History and Science Fiction. You can view his cover art on his website at this link. As you can see, his latest book, Jurassic Jail, has cover art that is futuristic in feel and definitely catches your eye while scrolling through the sea of book offerings. His cover reminds me of the John Carpenter movie, The Fog meets Steven Spielberg's movie, Jurassic Park. Attention getting for sure.

In the crowded field of books available, you might want to pretend shop on Amazon to see what grabs your attention. Then, you can decide how best to design a book cover that will garner the attention of readers. 

Today, I ran across author, Ellen Butler’s latest cover in her new Karina Cardinal series, Isabella’s Painting. The cover appealed to my 3rd grade self when I discovered Nancy Drew mysteries. Her book description about her book continued to appeal to my Nancy Drew side. Ellen is a new author to me, but I immediately downloaded her book primarily based on the cover and description. I then looked her up on Facebook and sent her an invitation to do a guest author blog post. Granted, this is one of the many ways I discover new authors to promote on Southern Writers Magazine’s blog, Suite T but remember, I’m a reader first. Her cover appealed to me and brought back memories of reading Nancy Drew mysteries under the covers at night with a flashlight.

What about your book’s cover art? How did you choose the cover?

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