June 28, 2018

Relighting the Flame of Your Ambition

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

Most of us can remember that idea that hit us in the head like a swing from a baseball bat, that idea that struck us like lightening. That one idea that sent us on our way to chasing a dream reaching a goal and pursuing our perception of success. Then somewhere along the way the flame went out. It was overshadowed by other things which seemed to be of significant importance or our health or family concerns. But something seemed to douse the flame burning within us. Is it possible to rekindle that flame? I believe it is.

First we must realize our initial idea that hit us like a bolt of lightning was indeed true and correct. Your premonitions, instincts and gut feelings are usually 99% accurate. They are your subconscious coming to the surface in a more visible form. Second guessing those feelings will take you away from your destination, your success and your happiness. So do not second guess but instead return to those first thoughts and the realization of their accuracy.

Second refuse the naysayers. They may disguise themselves as concerned individuals in the form of friends and family. They will use words like afraid, worried and can’t. Examples: I’m afraid you will not succeed and will be disappointed. I’m worried for your well being. I just don’t think you can succeed. These are dead giveaways and will expose those people who themselves never did and never will and don’t want others to make them feel worse by succeeding. Avoid them and don’t listen to them. You must continue onward.

Third look for ways to rekindle the flame of your ambition.
·         You may want to make a list of things holding you back. Determine if it is simply a mental block and attack it.
·         Brainstorm these roadblocks with someone that you trust and is supportive.
·         If you find you are blocked by the ordinary mundane everyday practicality of being practical think outside the box. Get creative.
·          Hit the information highway and search out a path. Use the experience and wisdom of others.
·         Commit yourself to constant learning. Learn how to reap the knowledge of people that may have taken your path and were successful. If you are lucky you may develop a mentor.

All in all don’t settle for less. There is absolutely no reason to do so. Look back to that moment the idea struck you and use it as a reference point in all you do on your journey. The idea is there but action is needed. Don’t give in to anything but success. After all it is your idea, your dream and only you can see it come to fruition.              

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