June 6, 2018

Once Upon a Time in Louisiana

By Bruce A. Stewart

Here’s a question for you. What does a twenty-eight-year state police veteran write about when he retires from the force? Why, romance, of course. And so, Sing Me Something Happy, my first published novel, was born.

Since my retirement, I have written five books, quickly closing in on number six. My offerings range anywhere from the aforementioned romance to mysteries featuring a small-town sheriff. Though the books couldn’t be any more different in content, one common thread connects them all. Each is set in my home state of Louisiana.

When folks think Louisiana, I’m pretty sure I know what images come to mind. Endless swamps with cypress trees too numerous to count. Venomous snakes bigger than a grown man’s arm. Flesh-ripping, human-devouring alligators on the prowl for their next unsuspecting victim. A place where you don’t even have to be naked to be afraid. Get it? The television show? Naked and Afraid? 

And while we do have all those things, we have so much more. You’ll find acres of flat farmland, corn and cotton fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Rolling hills covered with tall, straight pines. Shrimp boats. Cajuns and rednecks. Po boys. Jazz and boudin. And wildlife so abundant, our state has been nicknamed, Sportsman’s Paradise. Why, in Louisiana, even our ducks have dynasties.

My latest release, Hurt Road, is a romantic suspense about a Michigan teen who, by a twist of fate, must move in with his grandparents. Grandparents who just happen to live in Louisiana.

So, check out one of my books. My goal is to turn out interesting stories set in one of the most unique and colorful places on the planet. Laissez les bons temps rouler, y’all!
Growing up in the colorful, multicultural, state of Louisiana, Bruce A. Stewart was reared with an appreciation for diversity and a love for small town life. After high school and a couple of years of college, he began his twenty-eight-year career as a Louisiana State Police trooper, retiring as a sergeant in 2009. During that time, he witnessed the humorous, the sad, the tragic, and even the unimaginable. These life experiences give him tremendous credibility when writing about the many aspects of the human condition. Having been deployed to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Lake Charles after Hurricane Rita, he has seen firsthand the determination and courage of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Bruce writes Southern Fiction with a touch of humor, romance, suspense, and inspiration. He is represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency. He has two published novels, Sing Me Something Happy and Hurt Road, both with Clean Reads. Bruce’s website: www.bruceastewart.comFacebook: Facebook Author page: Twitter:

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