August 7, 2014

Southern Writers Magazine Has an App—It's Official

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

Working at Southern Writers Magazine, I'm surrounded by passionate professionals who are constantly looking for ways to improve the magazine, website, and our blog, Suite T. Our goal is to help authors and writers-in-progress achieve their goals. Providing tools within the magazine, to help navigate the book business from your writing start to a successfully marketed book.

The latest tool developed is our own App for desktop and iPad. Yes, Southern Writers Magazine can be accessed via the iTunes Store. Go to your iTunes, type in "SouthernWriters," and install via the open button. You can also google "Southern Writers Magazine App" and access the app. You can read free item samples from a magazine and of course, you have the option to buy the full issue and a subscription. It allows you to learn and take a peek at Southern Writers Magazine.

Another feature on iTunes is a direct link to the magazine's social media links. In the upper left hand corner is a "list" icon. Just click on the link, and you can view the latest author posts on Suite T. You can get the blog sent to you everyday by signing up your email from the blog page. You will benefit from the advice of other authors.

You never know when a tidbit of another author's advice can help you become a better writer. 

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