August 18, 2014

How to Debut Your Blog

By Holly Parker

Words are everywhere. Our generation spreads news through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs. The allure of seeing your thoughts in print shimmers with possibilities, but many questions still remain in the minds of true writers; those who want to add to the depth of society by sharing their hearts and talents with the world. They simply ask how to write something that stands out and how to get it out there for the world to see?

One extremely popular form of writing is to have a blog. Almost everyone has stumbled across a blog at some point, but the concept is still widely vague. I recently started a blog of my own and have adventured down the road of trial and error. For me, writing is something I have to do, and for anyone else looking for a way to test their material out, I would recommend trying this method. It is simple, relatively easy and you can control what you write, when you post and how the blog appears. I have provided several steps and tips below that have helped me discover blog success along the way. Good luck and happy blogging!

One: My blog started with preparation. For me, that meant praying over it, selecting a start date, brainstorming ideas, and launching a letter to friends and family about my decision. No matter your personal steps, preparation is essential before you become a blogger.

Two: I chose the site I wanted to use my blog through. There are many choices out there. Some are free and some you pay for. Research the difference between the two options and find out what is best for you. If you like other blogs, you can check what site they are using.

Three: I watched a tutorial about how to set up my blog and then chose the themes and appearances. This is where you can get creative and choose colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. I also created the pages I wanted and what features I would include. This means things like subscriptions, comments, archives and so on.

Four: After setting my blog up, I wrote my first post. Often this is your introduction post telling about yourself and your blog. You pretty much control what happens at this point. You write and then you post! It's as simple as that!

And remember you can edit your blog on most sites whenever you like. I have changed and added to my blog, even after launching it and I am still learning! It is helpful to reply to comments people post so they feel like they are being heard. And lastly, spread the word. People won't likely stumble upon your blog. You've got to tell them about it!

As with anything, having a blog is all about trying new things and sharing yourself with others. Don't hesitate or be nervous...go for it! As character Cory Brand says in the movie, Home Run, "Nothing great happens when you hold back."
Holly Parker is a southern writer from Birmingham, Alabama. She has invested in a number of different children at childcare programs and is currently employed by the library. She has an English degree from the University of Montevallo with a minor in Writing and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0. Holly is also very involved with her church and helping out with young people in her community. She loves to travel, read, watch Alabama football, take pictures and of course write! She enjoys writing all kinds of genres, but has a passion for blogging and writing Christian fiction. You can follow her blog at Holly can be found on her blog: and on facebook:

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