July 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary Southern Writers Magazine!

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

Southern Writers Magazine, The Author’s Magazine, is celebrating its anniversary with the brand new July issue, and as our anniversary gift to you we would like you to have an online issue. Just go to our website and follow the directions. In this issue we celebrate the 178 exceptional writers we have featured during our first year with their photos on a three-page spread, and introduce you to many new ones.

Southern Writers Magazine’s purpose is to help authors promote themselves with articles and interviews, guest blogs on Suite T, our bookstore, Open Mic Nite, Must Read TV, Take Five and social media support. Our 178 authors have recognized the value of these formats. We continually strive to increase our services and the number of authors we help with each issue.

In our anniversary edition you will find an excellent article by Samantha Ryan Chandler on Going Global: How to Sell Your Book Internationally. In it Samantha writes, “If you are courageous enough to write a book, then you must be unflinching in promoting it.” So many authors are not ready to promote themselves or their book. Their focus has been and continues to be solely on writing. Many are unprepared for the business end of the literary world.

Samantha goes on to say, “I remind myself often, that John Grisham was not the John Grisham when he started.” Southern Writers Magazine wants to help take you, as an author, from (your name goes here) to the (your name goes here). The way to get started is to check out our anniversary issue at, and then join our family of authors.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and we know you will enjoy our ANNIVERSARY GIFT!        

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  1. Thank you Southern Writers Magazine for a sweet treat on a blistering day. Love Love Love SWM and Congrats on a year of being THE writers tool and a readers delight to peak into a writers world.