March 23, 2018

I Want to Giveaway 100,000 eBooks

By Steve Bradshaw

I am pleased to offer the first book of my forensic mystery/thriller trilogy free on Amazon. The BLUFF CITY BUTCHER.

Yes, the above statement grabs attention. And it is now my gateway marketing tool to introduce my brand of suspense and intrigue to my target market.

I investigated gruesome homicides, interrogated heinous killers, and navigated the macabre. My life-unedited experiences as a forensic sleuth now live in my novels. My Amazon 5-star Bell Trilogy has had success, but still only reaches a small sliver of the thriller market. Because there are a million new titles each year, it is easy to become lost in the shuffle. Therefore, it is time to try something new.

Alluring book covers, gripping titles, and tantalizing bullets on back covers may not be enough today. A steady dose of marketing on social media, creative websites and blogs, newsletters, book reviews, awards, and selected paid advertising reaches a small fraction of my audience. In the morass of titles flooding the literary world, I need something more for new readers to take a look at my novels. I have decided to change the playing field and now offer a FREE eBook on Amazon. But not just any eBook. I am giving away the first book in my Bell Trilogy.

All writers want their words read. If we did not, we would put our manuscripts in bottles and bury them in the backyard. Few of us would go through the demanding creative process to be ignored completely. No! We write to be read. We believe in ourselves—our writing. With five novels in the marketplace and number six releasing in the summer, I have built a following. I get feedback and know my books are devoured and readers want more. Therefore, if I can find a way to reach new readers, I know they will do the same thing.

Offering the first book of a trilogy free, makes sense for several reasons. First, it is not a lost sale. It is a catalyst for new sales. I am wagering once they read one free book they will purchase the next books in the trilogy and more. Second, if my current readers want to share me with their friends and families, gifting a free eBook is an excellent way. Third, new readers surfing the market can download me free and in an instant. It gives me a chance to gain a new reader I otherwise would not have. And fourth, a free eBook will improve my rankings on Amazon. That increases your visibility.  

My goal is to give away 100,000 eBooks over the next six months. I am confident this promotion will allow me to reach more of my target market, and at no cost. Offering a free eBook could be my most valuable marketing tool in today’s world. I will let you know!

Tell your mystery/thriller lovers to visit Amazon and download a free BLUFF CITY BUTCHER eBook today at And visit my website to read excerpts from books two and three, THE SKIES ROARED and BLOOD LIONS, at  
Steve Bradshaw is a forensic mystery/thriller author drawing on life experiences as forensic investigator and biotech entrepreneur. He received a BA from University of Texas and trained at the Institute of Forensic Sciences where he investigated over 3,000 traumatic deaths for the Medical Examiner Office. After raising $30 million and serving as the founder-president/CEO of an innovative biomed company developing a leading-edge knee meniscus implant now under FDA clinical review, Steve stepped down and now writes his unique brand of forensic mystery/thrillers. His latest novel is Evil Like Me.

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