April 11, 2017

Sell Your Books–– Use Speaking Engagements

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine 

First, let me tell you, speakers are needed. Organizations, conferences, associations, corporations, events, ladies’ groups, church groups, these are just some of the places speakers are needed.
Back in the eighties, I had the privilege to attend a conference in San Diego, CA. and hear well known successful speaker Brain Tracy. He held my attention to the point I did not want him to stop talking and from the looks of the audience, they didn’t either.

When he did finish, people were standing in line to buy a complete set of his tapes. Yes, me too.

Listening to him, there was no doubt in our minds we could all be successful. His tapes were offering us that opportunity to learn from a pro. I wish I still had those tapes, but somewhere along the line they disappeared.

Not long ago I read this quote from him, “The reason why successful people are successful in speaking is because they have a burning message that they want to share, that people can really benefit from.” Aren’t you burning to tell people about your book? Aren’t you passionate about your book?

Before you tell yourself you are too shy to speak in front of groups, let me ask you a question. When your family gets together for special holidays, events, etc., do you have a problem talking in that group? No? Then you can learn to speak in front of other groups, providing you have a passion for the subject.

So now I ask you, are there some things you feel passionate about and want to share information with others? Can you tie those things into your book?

Sit down with your book. Make a list of the things that make your book interesting. Think about the current things going on in the world today, can you relate your book to one or more of those?

Make a list of what people ask you about being a writer. How do you come up with ideas? How do you determine where you will set your story? Are the characters people you know? Family members? Are you one of the characters? Where did the idea come from for this book? What is the world of a writer? There are many more questions, so think of some more and write them down.

Now out of those, come up with at least five you could build a 20 minute talk, a 30 minute talk, or an hour. Write the key points down.

The next part is research, looking for places to give a speech. In your town, there are groups looking for someone to give a twenty-thirty minute speech. Look at the ladies organizations. They love having authors. Book stores, libraries, the list goes on.

Always remember to read an excerpt from your book, hold up your book, and give them an opportunity after your speech to buy one.

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