March 15, 2016

Create A Buzz About Your Book

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief, Southern Writers Magazine

Yes. It’s easy to get a buzz going about your book. Just do a “signed book giveaway”.
The minute that book is available begin your buzz. You’re excited about your new book, you have held it in your hands; now share it with the world.
Put the cover on your website, blog and social media. Set up the box for them to enter the drawing with their emails.
Important: A few days before, tell everyone on your social medias to get ready for your signed book giveaway beginning _____ (date).
It is good when you give them an ending date. One week to two weeks is sufficient. After all, you will want to do another one.
Have everything ready to go the day it begins. Send out a message on your social media announcing, “It’s here! Enter the drawing for a signed copy of ___________ (name of your book). Then add one to two sentences about the book. Make it a must read sentence or two.
Don’t forget, send out an email to your friends and let them participate. You might consider asking your family to send out an email to their friends, giving them the information and site where they can enter for the drawing of a signed copy.
If you have close friends who are authors, work a trade with them. Ask them to put the info on their sites and when they want to do a book giveaway, you will put that on your sites.
The more authors helping authors, the more books you will sell. Just think, if you had four author friends, who put that about your book on their sites, and each one had 2500 followers, look how much exposure you would get and they would get when you reciprocate.
You have to give something in order to get something. That is an old adage but oh so true.
When your book is a giveaway on another site, different from your own, that site is saying they are endorsing your work. They are telling people “Hey look at this book…Here is your chance to get a signed copy…We feel it is worth your attention”.
So be sure and send out emails to your family, friends, readers –everyone you know…that this site is endorsing your work…tell them to go see it…enter the drawing for a signed copy. (You should send out the cover of your book as well as the link to the site.
When we join with an author to do a signed book giveaway, we create a graphic for our authors to use to showcase the drawing with their book, site, and dates that fits on all Social Medias as well as websites and blogs and emails).
During that week you have the drawing, don’t hesitate to remind your followers to enter the drawing for the giveaway.
Remind them to tell their friends. This is one time you don’t have to be shy telling people about your book. Just give directions on where they can go to sign up.
This is a simple way for you to create a tremendous buzz about your book. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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