June 11, 2015

National Suite T Day for Writers

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

Yesterday was the National Iced Tea Day. Hopefully, you were able to enjoy a complimentary iced tea from one of the many establishments who were offering a deal. It was hot and humid in Memphis, the perfect day for tea with lots of ice. Iced tea is the beverage of choice in the south, sweet tea to be exact.

Southern Writers Magazine's blog was purposefully named. Intent on drawing readers to the blog, while using a play on words, associated with the southern beverage sweet tea and the business of writing. Therein, Suite T was born. When you verbalize "Suite T," you hear "sweet tea" which may conjure up a scene from a William Faulkner novel or perhaps Robert Harling's, Steel Magnolias.

Pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and take the time to browse through the archives of Suite T. The archives on the right side of the web page. Contained in the archives, are five years’ worth of insights in all aspects concerning the business of writing. Three times a week, guest authors write on a variety of writing issues often giving solutions to common problems they experience.

Today we at Southern Writers Magazine are declaring June 11th, "Suite T" day.

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