Thursday, June 4, 2015

A #2 Pencil and a Dream

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine    

Today June 4th is Author Joyce Meyers Birthday! Happy Birthday Joyce! Some of Joyce’s most distinguishing achievements are her nearly 100 books she has written and her devotion to Christian thought on a daily basis. She has made the statement that we need to let God out of the box we keep him in on Sunday. Her devotionals and books concerning the everyday challenges we all face have helped many find peace.

Joyce has been quoted as saying “God’s mercy is fresh and new every morning.” How wonderful that is to know. She believes in the ability to change oneself with God’s help.  She said, “I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be.” Having a strong conviction in her faith Joyce has a confidence and positive attitude in everything she presents. Known as lively and motivational in her presentations, Joyce believes you cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. Her books can help a person overcome any negativity they may have in their life.

Of all of Joyce Meyer’s quotes there is one that has stood out to writers everywhere. “A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere.” Oh I know we seldom use a #2 pencil. We use the laptops, desktops and iPads. Yes, times may have changed, our tools may have changed but the meaning certainly has not. You can sit down with your writing tool of choice and make all your dreams come true. Not only can they come true, they can take you places you have only dreamed of.

A few years ago I was in St. Louis on business for a few days. The second day I was there women started arriving in buses, vans and private passenger autos. The crowds were overwhelming and made access to the hotel a challenge at times. Asking a group of ladies why they were there I was told they had come to see Joyce Meyer. She was speaking for a few days across the street at the convention center.  I was impressed with their excitement and devotion to Joyce and her message.

I have since found out more about Joyce Meyer and her ministry.  I must say her #2 pencil and her dream has indeed taken her somewhere grand. It may be time for you to get your #2 pencil and your dream and see where it takes you. You too may end up helping others and finding yourself somewhere grand.          

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