December 4, 2014

‘Tis the Season for Books

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

January book sales deal with the start of a New Year and books on self-improvement, business, weight loss, devotionals and the likes. March-June sales of books lean toward Mom, Dad, Easter, Grads and religion. This is the second highest seasonal sale of Christian Books due to the Easter observation. The sales during these periods are large but the Granddaddy of them all is the period from mid-August thru December or the Christmas Season.

Christmas sales are good for all books. The stores begin stockpiling the books in August and look for their prime period as early as mid-November. The books are there waiting for us now and matter of fact have been for a couple of months. You may have noticed the recent book trailers on TV. The book industry has taken the route of the movie industry and began the book trailers. All this is to get you focused on the Seasonal buying.

Now what books to purchase for your loved ones as well as what books you want to drop hints for yourself as a gift. That could be as easy as a simple Google of Top Children’s, Religious, Business, and Celebrity Books.  Google as specific a topic as you like and make your decision from there. Many will know the book they are hoping to receive and if you ask they may tell you. I would and do. 

As a matter of fact I leave a list of future book purchases in a MOLESKIN note pad near my favorite reading chair. I make sure it’s known and easily found. Over the years I have had great luck with this method. It also takes a lot of decision making worries off the shoulders of my family. I think they like it too.

So the time is here for Seasonal Book shopping and gifting. Whether you shop online or in the stores they are prepared for the rush. All you need is a list of your picks and get started. You can start your search with Southern Writers Magazine’s first holiday book catalog. Here’s Wishing you Happy Gifting and Reading this Season.      

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