December 18, 2014

Make 2015 the Best Year Yet

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

Oh yes, I am aware we have yet to celebrate Christmas and the New Year but we must realize we are at the point to begin preparing for 2015. Each year brings us a clean slate to begin again. 2015 will bring us a chance to continue or redirect our plan and its individual goals. But to do so we must first take stock of what we accomplished in 2014 and now is a great time to do that.

In order to do so let’s look back and see what were your key accomplishments in 2014. Had you listed them as a goal to reach in 2014 or were they something that came from your reaching for another goal. Many times our greatest accomplishments are opportunities that came to us while reaching out for another goal. As you set your goals and work toward their end be aware of such opportunities that come your way. So first take some time and list your key accomplishments in 2014.

This next step may be a little harder. Being honest with yourself, critique your accomplishments for the year. Did you do well? Did you accomplish all you wanted to do? Could you have done better? If you could have done better be specific. What is it you could have done? Take time and write this down.

Now let’s go to the next question. What did you do in your life in 2014 that changed your life completely? I am sure there is something that you did, or a decision that you made that has changed your life completely. Write it down and think on this. How has it changed you or possibly those around you?

Now for 2015 what is the one thing that you could do that would change your life dramatically. It may be a simple thing like finding a few minutes a day to do some additional writing. It may be finishing a project that has been put on the back burner. It may be something to do with your family and the time you spend with them. Only you know what this may be. You know what accomplishing this one thing will mean to you and how dramatically you will be affected. Write that down and later consider it when setting your plan and goals for 2015.

In all this you must ask yourself, “What is really important to me?” It is of no avail to us to work toward making 2015 the best year yet if we are going in a direction that isn’t important to us. What really matters in your life? Make sure this is a large part of your direction. Of course there are minor things that must happen in order for the major things in our lives to occur. Take care of those on your way to the important task. They should all be connected.

So now we must ask, “What are your goals for 2015?” You should have at least 5 but no more than 10 major goals. Keeping the number small will allow for those unforeseen opportunities that may come along while accomplishing your predetermined goals. Be open and aware of these precious gems and take full advantage of them. They could lead you to your greatest accomplishment in 2015.

As you begin working toward your goals in 2015 keep in mind and ask yourself along the way, “What is my #1 priority right now” Then ask yourself, “Will what I am doing right now help me accomplish my goals for this upcoming year?” This will keep you on point. Follow these simple directions add a very positive attitude and 2015 should be your Best Year Yet!     


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