November 6, 2014

Supporting Local Writers like Steve Bradshaw at his Book Signing

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

Steve Bradshaw unveiled his latest book, the third in The Bell Trilogy. Bluff City Butcher, The Skies Roared and Blood Lions complete the set. The scene was The Booksellers at Laurelwood in Memphis, TN. All three books have a Memphis connection so the location was indeed appropriate.
Steve had an agenda which I feel accomplished everything he intended to accomplish and met the expectations of the readers. There were authors as well as readers attending and most were familiar with Steve’s works. They wanted to hear about the latest offering in this trilogy. Steve brought this and more.

Steve began with an overall view of his trilogy and how all the parts fit. He gave an insight of the characters and locations he used and he mentioned people and places that are referenced from one book to the other. Clues are important in a forensic mystery thriller. Steve, having been a forensic scientist in real life, investigated over 3000 unexplained deaths and over 300 homicides. He knows how to carefully place a clue in his story. The readers enjoyed this section and were well pleased.

Steve then talked about what I like to call the business of getting published. He took us through his journey to find an agent and publisher. Steve, a Biotechnology Founder-President/CEO, is familiar with business and how it done so he was better equipped than most to meet the challenges of the business. Steve happened to have his business partner along that night shared that the two raised $25 million to start a new company. He explained his experience in this field had prepared him for the trilogy because locations in the book are actually places he had traveled to while in the biotech business. At this point Steve had spent about a half hour with these two portions of the agenda and the reading from his latest in the trilogy series. The time involved was well planned and well received.  

I believe fans enjoy the final segment the most. That is the personal meetings, discussions and book signing with the author. Although Steve had signed the available copies in the bookstore, he was ready and willing to personalize their copy. Open and welcoming to his readers Steve made each individual meeting a memorable one for the fan.

To have the opportunity to get the insight of one of your favorite authors is a real treat. To hear their account of how they put their story or in this case stories together, their challenge to get it out to the readers and a personal glimpse inside their background and experiences that led them to this story is a real unusual opportunity. Then there is always that treat for the fan in each of us, to meet the author. Steve had a great format and one that others would be wise to mirror.

You can also catch his interview in the November/December 2014 issue of Southern Writers Magazine by our very own Annette Cole Mastron.

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