November 13, 2014

Create Interest on Your Author Website By Adding a Resume of Your Protagonist

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director at Southern Writers Magazine 

At our last writers' group meeting, our moderator and founder suggested authors create website interest for readers by creating a resume of their series protagonist. What a great idea! Writers often struggle with material for their website. Having a resume of your protagonist on your website will increase your protagonist web presence. It will link your name as an author to the protagonist's name to help readers find your books.

Any word document resume template will give you the basics to create a resume for your protagonist. You may want to expand by combining with a biography.

If you're curious about adding a resume feature to your website, just start writing your protagonist resume as you have written them. This will bring them to life for viewers on your website. You can check out the Read Write Think website information in creating character resumes. This site used it as a book report alternative, but it will work for your series characters. 

You can also check out author websites to decide if a resume is what you want or if a Biography is a better fit for your protagonist. Amanda Kyle Williams created a combo resume and bio on her protagonist, Keye Street. 

Lee Child's protagonist Jack Reacher has a biography and resume combo with a separate file for his family and other series characters. By doing this he has easy access as to the introduction of characters in specific books. Very clever. 

Sue Grafton has a biography of her protagonist, Kinsey Millhone. Her method allows for details you wouldn't find on a resume. Grafton also has "Journal Notes" for several of her alphabet series books. Smart move because it gives an insight into her writing. 

Still stuck on what to write? View well known protagonist via an Internet search of "character name bio." For example; Miss Marple, Harry Potter, Anne of Green Gables, and Hercule Poirot. 

No one knows your protagonist better than you, the author. After all you created the characters in your series. A bio/resume will draw readers to your books. It will expand and layer the information in your books creating unique interest on your website. 

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