October 30, 2014

Southern Writers Magazine Offers All TREATS

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

All treats and no tricks for everyone. Our editor, Susan Reichert, has pulled out her happy pumpkin costume and is shouting throughout the Internet,"treats for all!"

TREAT~Every Monday morning there will be a new signed book drawing from Authors. To participate go to then click on the banner for the signed book drawing. A new one started Monday, October 26. The winner will be announced the following Monday.

The newest TREAT~ "Authors Visits" is the brainchild of our editor, too. Have you ever wanted just a little bit more information on the authors featured in each issue? Or have you not yet subscribed and want to get a sense of the magazine's quality? This free addition will make you crave the sweetness found in the pages of each issue of Southern Writers Magazine.

It will let you know some of the magazine's featured authors a bit better and the website is called "Authors Visits." A "behind the article" kind of information with some of your favorite authors. It has launched and can be found at It is interactive and allows you to ask questions to our editor and the featured authors.

TREAT~Hear authors reading from their books at SWM's Take Five.

TREAT~Must Read TV, check out the video trailers and the book trailers on the authors and their books.

TREAT~Southern Writers Magazine's Online Bookstore with links to authors books feature,d in the magazine.

TREAT~links to Writers Conferences remaining for 2014.

TREAT~Southern Writers Magazine's Radio show. 

TREAT~Mic'll love it.

TREAT~Suite T the official blog of Southern Writers Magazine(hint) that is what your reading.

And the last~TREAT~Suite T guest poster's books at the SWM's SuiteT online bookstore.

Enjoy all the~TREATS~offered by Southern Writers Magazine as you wait for the trick or treaters to arrive at your door on Halloween. Like the frosty little princesses, ghosts and gobblins, Southern Writers Magazine can arrive at your door via mail or digitally. You can subscribe to Southern Writers Magazine by using this click link to order.

May you have a Happy Halloween, y'all!

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