October 9, 2014

That Time of Year for Planning Your Writers Conference

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

If you attend writer conferences you probably know that Southern Writers Magazine is the “Media Sponsor for Writers Conferences” all over America throughout the year. Thousands of writers experience the Southern Writers Magazine benefits to writers while attending their annual conference. Each attendee is given an online copy and detailed info concerning what we do and have done for the 700 plus writers that have been featured in our magazine.

With our blog Suite T rapidly approaching 1.3Million website visits, being a Guest Blogger can be a boost to your career. Our blogs have a good following with some experiencing as many as 48,000 hits. Exposure is the name of the game.

Also at the Conferences there are a limited number of Annual Subscriptions awarded. Each Online Subscription is a $29.99 value.  Along with winning an online year subscription, each winner will be able to use our promotional venues, Mic Nite, Take Five and Must Read TV to promote their books. This could connect an author’s name with a face and a voice. These various venues combined present a powerful presentation which is available to all authors that have been awarded a subscription or have bought one. Each issue is like attending a conference plus there are promotional benefits to subscribers. Subscribe and take full advantage of all.

There are benefits for the Conference and its promoters as well. We will promote the conference on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sites as well as our webpage for conferences. As a Media Partner we will also give you special pricing to advertise your 2014 - 2015 conference in our Southern Writers Magazine.

If you have attended a Conference and did not see Southern Writers Magazine there be sure to inform your promoter about the benefits we offer. They can get in touch with us or you can send their contact info and we will approach them.

If you are planning a conference, which many are this time of year, and are interested in teaming with Southern Writers Magazine let us know. We would love to assist you in making preparation for your conference and be a partner and annual Media Sponsor.

Please contact me directly at and I can assist with all the details. 

Here is wishing you a great Conference in 2014-2015 and hoping you will make Southern Writers Magazine a part of it!

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