March 9, 2012

Amplifying Your Social Media Sound

by Shannon Milholland

Social Media can be daunting by the sheer numbers alone. By the end of 2011, Facebook was approaching 800 million users. Each of us is just one voice. Doesn't it seem unlikely for that voice to be heard among millions? What if you could amplify your impact by adding 5, 10 or 20 additional voices to your social media choir?

In last week's post, we talked about how to build an effective social media group. This week we will explore where to find people to team up with.

Conferences - Professional gatherings are wrought with individuals pursuing your same dreams. Use your next conference not just to grow in your knowledge but to grow socially. Intentionally connect with as many people as possible and a natural group will form.

Local Affiliations - Do you belong to a writer's group, faith body or civic group? There are likely others in your community with whom you regularly interact that have a talent they are promoting through social media. Don't limit yourself just to authors. Artists, songwriters and nonprofits all use social media to further their message. Your team can be as homogeneous or heterogeneous as your community as long as you're committed to helping one another.

Smaller Social Media Sites - Within the larger sphere of social media, websites exist that aggregate individuals. Examples are BlogFrog and VoiceBoks. In these virtual worlds you can quickly target associations with others who are utilizing social media and team up together. The great aspect of cultivating online friendships is the diversity of locations. Your social media can go nationwide or even global overnight by connecting with like-minded individuals in a variety of locations.

All around us there are others who want and need help. Let's begin finding and cultivating those relationships so we can amplify our Social Media sound.

Maybe you're feeling the tug at your heart, to head up a social networking group. Next week I will be interviewing the founder of VoiceBoks, Lexie Lane, who will share with us her tips for building and empowering social media teams.

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