March 15, 2012

How to Create Your Own Luck as a Writer

by Deanna Albrecht

Ever wonder how some people get lucky and get published writer or author? Have you wished that you could find your own lucky charm to bring you the good fortune of getting published?

Writers can make their own luck by learning about writing and publishing.

Here is a list of tips to help get you started or unstuck.
Listen to your inner voice.
You know the voice - the one that whispers to you despite your decision to try to ignore it. It doesn’t listen to the amount of education, experience, or credentials you have – it only listens to your heart.
Listen to others.
We often shoo the complements of others away. Did a teacher, relative or friend give you a complement that you didn’t receive? For the first time, let yourself to hear and believe it.
Don’t listen to others.
Not everyone will cheer you on your road to writing. There will be people who
think writers are dreamers who just dream about writing, and they will say anything to shoot down your dream. Don’t write them out of your life; just don’t share your writing with them.
Don’t let the market rule your writing.
There’s nothing wrong with knowing what’s hot, what’s
on the N.Y. Times Best Seller lists, and what your favorite publishers want, but
never let it rule what you write, how you write or if you are going to write.
Create space to write.
What inspires you? Does music, quiet, sunshine or the dark spark something beautiful or fiery inside you? Sometimes our creativity needs to be prodded and poked to come out.  Find out what it is for you and let it do its work.
Find something to love in your writing.
In every piece of writing, find something to fall in love with. You can turn even the driest stories or topics into something unique and special if you do this.  It might take awhile to find that “something”, but it’s worth it and your writing will be better because of it.
Love people more than writing.
It’s easy to fall in love with writing, and the characters you create – but you were created to build relationships with the people in your family, workplace and neighborhood. They need you, and you need them. And just maybe you can sneak them in your stories later.
May the luck of the Writing Irish be with you.
Which one of these tips do you struggle with?
What is your favorite writing tip to share with others? 

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