March 23, 2012

Put Glue in Your Group

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

Yesterday I took my youngest to the playground after school. Soon she wanted a snack and unzipped her lunchbox to fish out its uneaten contents. It was empty except an untouched sandwich.

"Did you not like your sandwich, sweetie?"

"Oh no I did, Mommy. I always like my lunch. My dessert was really yummy and I just wanted to save it for later."

She took one minuscule bite and placed in back in her lunchbox.

Over the past month, we've been exploring how to find and formulate a social media group. We've learned the effective components of a group, where to find a team and how to form one. Today we will discover the three individual roles of every member.

Yesterday, my sweet little daughter demonstrated these for us beautifully. Let's find out how:

Cheerleader - An effective contributor celebrates the success of others. Carynne was quick to find what I did well. "My dessert was really yummy." In the early stages of forming your group, you need to concentrate the majority of your time here.

Encourager - The observant constituent notes when others lack confidence or need a boost. Carynne knew I wanted her to like her lunch. She encouraged me during my bobble by noting she always likes her lunch. Sometimes we need a reminder that we can do what we've set out to, no matter how big our setbacks. As your group takes shape, encouragement will solidify your loyalty to each other.

Amplifier - The discerning associate gives feedback gently but clearly. Carynne was clear what parts of her lunch she enjoyed and what she'd prefer to be changed but she delivered her message with gentleness so it would be heart and processed. We would be wise to do the same.

Are you ready to cheer lead, encourage and amplify? When each member functions effectively in all three roles, your group will be cohesive with a glue a gorilla just might envy.

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